Sustainable Technology

At Ardentec

Sustainable Technology

At Ardentec

Sustainable Technology

At Ardentec

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Performance

2022 Stellar Achievement

Energy Conservation Project

We are committed to continuously conserving energy to reduce carbon emissions. In 2022, the execution of 38 energy conservation projects such as CDA heat recovery, vacuum pumps and chillers renewal…etc., reduced power consumption by 4,201,444 kWh and GHG emissions by 2,119 metric tons CO2e.

Fighting COVID-19

The Epidemic Prevention Committee of each operating base cooperates with related departments to deploy an epidemic prevention plan. In 2022, we encouraged and arranged for employee vaccination. This approach aims to achieve a gradual reopening while simultaneously safeguarding employee health and ensuring the stability of the company's workforce and operations.

Workplace Safety

With a higher level of safety requirements than the regulations, all operating bases in countries are equipped with a very early fire warning system (VESDA) in the clean room production area, high and low voltage power distribution room and computer room to prevent business interruption and shutdown losses, and ensure commitment of continuing operations to customers.

Pollution Prevention

In 2022, Ardentec removed a total of 983 metric tons of general industrial waste; about 5.6 metric tons of hazardous industrial waste, and 98.4% of total hazardous industrial waste recycling rate. Headquarters set a waste recycling target of over 32% for 2022 and 56% was achieved in practice.

Industry and Academic Integration

Through industry-university cooperation project, internship programs, enterprise visits, campus lectures, etc., it provides university and college students with early experience of industry, understanding of semiconductor testing knowledge, and to implement of industry-university integration.


Ardentec has joined RE100 initiative on 06/15/2023, announcing the use of 100% renewable energy

200 Full

Achieved full score in the RBA VAP initial audit in 2020.
Achieved full score in the RBA VAP closure audit in 2022.

Top 5%

Affirmation for achieving Corporate Governance Evaluation of Listed Companies for the 6th consecutive years.

Sustainable Future


We had implemented measures such as upgrade facilities, optimize operation, and energy-saving controls, gradually enhancing the procurement of renewable energy.

● In 2022, renewable energy accounted for 3.1% of the total electricity consumption, achieving the 3% target.

● In 2022, a 5.9% reduction in GHG Emissions was achieved, exceeding the 4% target. (2020 as base year)

Medium-term Goals

● Renewable energy is 30% of the total electricity consumption
● 20% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Long-term Goals

Renewable Energy Usage:
● 2040:60%
● 2050:100% renewable energy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
● 2040: 60%
● 2050: 100% achieve carbon neutrality

Bring Conservation into Focus

Ardentec and its subsidiaries committed in caring for the communities in which we have a presence, and are gradually expanding the scope of caring.

Environmental Sustainability

Social Engagement

Corporate Governance

Change in Action

Change in Action

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