Ardentec Natural Paddy Field Respect Ecology Friendly Health

Ardentec started supporting Changhua Ecology Wetland Rehabilitation Project since 2015, and co-worked for ecological wetland rice field restoration as “Ardentec Natural Paddy Field”. Only the most natural farming methods that eschew the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers were adopted so that a naturally diverse and balanced eco-system can be cultivated by the plants and animals living on the land. Employees purchase harvest in 2021 to make farmers’ endeavor receive reasonable respect. To support friendly farming and to protect ecology diversity through friendly and healthy consumption action, then our missing ecosystem could be recovered.

Land and Forrest—Dear to Ardentec’s Heart

As global warming becomes increasingly serious, Ardentec is doing its part for the environment by adopting state-owned forest land in Tainan’s Nanxi District. The forest has a total area of 13.14 hectares, which is the largest under the jurisdiction of Chiayi Forestry Bureau. The forest is expected to store 259 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, about 0.7 Daan Forest Park, which helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect, purify the air quality and maintain biodiversity, thus doing our part for the earth.


Protect the Oceans, Let’s do it

Ardentec hosted its 9th "Protect the Oceans, Let’s do it" coastal cleanup event in 2023. Around 102 people including employees and their families from Headquarters
and GIGA Solution took part in this environmental education initiative.
The coastal clean-up removed garbage occupying the coastline for sorting and counting. A total of 245 kg of garbage was cleaned up in 2022. Data on collected garbage was sent through the organizers to The Ocean Conservancy, the US-based organizer of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), to be compiled into an annual; report on global maritime waste and make a contribution to global environmental protection.
Ardentec attach importance to environmental and ecological sustainability, and encourage to reduce plastic life independently. Their passion for the environment sees Ardentec employees and their families work hard to restore the beauty of the sea and sustain marine life!


Being Mutual-Good for Environment

Street Trees and Green Belt Adoption

Working together with the neighbors in the industrial area to improve the environment, Ardentec adopts the street trees and green belts around the company, regularly clean and water the trees, as well as trim and maintain the trees every quarter.

Street trees and green belt adoption

Happy Spore Environment Activity

Happy Spore Environment Activity spreading happy spores to each corners through voluntarily cleaning up the environment. Korea Subsidiary employees voluntarily participate in clean-up activities on a quarterly basis to pursue a clean industrial area and build a healthy and qualified environment.


Employees clean up the streets at the industrial zone

Endorsing Environmental Protection and Supporting Wildness

With the engagement for all people, the “Society of Wilderness” promotes the protection of Taiwan’s environment and wilderness through nature education, habitat conservation and protection actions to create a beautiful natural environment. In response to climate change and global warming, we promote various environmental education and engage in environmental topics, such as sustainable mountain forests, plastic-free oceans, and conservation of natural habitats to make our contribution for the environmental protection of Taiwan. The subsidiary, Giga Solution, donated NT$100,000 in 2021 to support the Society of Wilderness’s environment actions.

Social Care

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