Supplier/Contractor CSR Performance Management

Ardentec formulated CSR supplier code of conduct as a standard to follow, and kept the latest version in compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct. The Suppliers are required to sign the compliance confirmation to ensure the adherence to the latest standards.


Ardentec requires all of our suppliers and contractors to comply with 「Supplier CSR and Business Ethics Guidelines」 to achieve the goal of CSR in the industry supply chain.




Supplier Audit

Ardentec conducts annual on-site audits to our major suppliers (process related suppliers, recruitment agencies and on-site service providers) covering all aspects of CSR to ensure that our partners in the supply chain adhere to the economic, environmental, social and other related laws and regulations.

The audited supplier complied with respective local labor law, no child or forced labor were detected, communication channels were available between the management and labor, and respect the freedom of association was observed. The management of safety and health was sound. Probe card supplier, including repair and maintenance provider, small amount of chemicals required in their process were managed appropriately; waste disposal complied with laws and regulations and fulfilled environmental protection requirements. Ardentec observed no risk of safety or environmental impact. Major suppliers had no penalties resulted from law violation, good management practices contributed to zero impact on social and environment elements, achieved Ardentec supplier CSR performance expectation and requirements, preserved the supply chain partnerships.



Ethics Management

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