Employee Partnership Policy

By viewing employees as partners of the Company, Ardentec has developed an employee partnership policy that is centered on 3 core values: Right People for the Right Job, Reasonable Compensation and Benefits, and Career Development. Through empathy and trust, we strive to grow with our partners. Through establishing Work-Life harmony policies, we hope that employee not only happy at work, but also able to enjoy their time with their families. We promote Ardentec Corporate Citizenship as one of the core of the Company’s competitiveness in the global semiconductors industry, corporate and its citizens working side by side to cultivate a win-win and brighter future for all.

Right People for the Right Job

Reasonable Compensation and Benefits

Career Development

Work-Life Balance

Working Hours

AWe ensure strict compliance with local regulations regarding employees’ working hours. The Taiwan headquarters, for example, adheres to the terms of the Labor Standards Act by providing “at least one day’s rest for any seven-day period” and “at least 30 minutes of break time for every four consecutive work hours,” while limiting work hours to “no more than 12 hours a day” and “no more than 46 overtime hours in a month.” If there is a need to arrange overtime, we mandate line managers to make overtime arrangements only with willing employees.
In order to ensure that employees’ working hours are managed according to the above rules, the Company has implemented an electronic overtime application system that caters for all overtime scenarios. Overtime arrangements that do not comply with such rules will be automatically rejected by the system without exceptions. Ardentec has strict rules to ensure that it does not exceed its authorities when
managing employees’ working hours and rights. In order to improve the timeliness and completeness of employee attendance records, the attendance system is continuously optimized and automated.
In response to the demand for flexible attendance records from employees and supervisors, we have designed various attendance statements to enhance the accessibility of employees and supervisors.



Respect to Human Rights

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