Grievance and Reporting Regulation

Ardentec implements for ethical business operations and management. We have Grievance and Reporting Regulation in place and has a dedicated reporting line and a dedicated email to provide platforms to our employees and external parties in reporting any violation of ethics, laws or integrity issues with names or anonymously. HR processes internal and external reporting for investigation and response. If the accused is appointed executives or above, the reporting will be submitted to President or Chairman to assign in charge of the case. Reported cases must be filed, and the respective outcome must be reviewed by the Audit Committee and report to the Board of Director on the progress yearly.

If the incident report is true upon investigation, for Ardentec employee, disciplinary action will take place in accordance with Employee Reward and Disciplinary Regulation; for suppliers, base on the severity of the case, will give a warning or consider ceasing partnership. If there is a law violation, it shall be dealt with according to respective legislation.

The regulation also stated the prohibition of any retaliation towards the whistleblower.

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    Grievance and Reporting Regulation