Compensation and Benefits

Ardentec complies with each operation site’s local labor laws and regulations. Talent market compensation, industrial compensation standard related index, and corporate business operation performance review are regularly assessed. In the first quarter of each year, we conduct performance assessment and salary adjustment according to each employee’s contribution in the previous year, performance, and responsibility taking, etc., to ensure Ardentec employees’ compensation policy keeps highly competitive in each talent market. Ardentec upholds our fair and just principles on compensation and benefits, awarding based on performance and target contribution, excluding any prohibited discrimination items such as gender, age, race, religion, politics, marital status…etc.

In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, from profit of the current year, Ardentec distributes 12% as employees’ compensation, sharing the company’ financial performance with employees.

In 2022, the non-management full-time employees of Ardentec’s headquarter were 1,503; the average salary was NTD 1,203,000; and the median salary was NTD 944,000, which was more than three times of the minimum wage of Taiwan.

Pension Benefit

The Ardentec Headquarters and GIGA Solution pay 6% pension contribution to the employee’s personal accounts every month in accordance with the Labor Pension Act. HQ pay labor pension reserve funds which are 2% of the salary of employees under Labor Standard Act. to the account of labor pension reserve.
Every year, the Company precisely calculate the appropriation rate of labor retirement reserve funds to ensure the pension contributions do suffice to guarantee employees' lifestyles after retirement. A Pension Supervisory Committee comprising of employee and management representatives would review the pension account quarterly and discuss issues regarding employees' retirement.
The accumulated funds appropriated by GIGA Solution are sufficient to pay labor pensions to the workers and suspending appropriation of contributions to the labor pension reserve from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023 with the approval of the competent authority. An application will be made to continue suspending withdrawals.


Employee may apply for voluntary retirement under any of the following conditions:
1. Where the worker attains the age of fifty-five and has worked for fifteen years.
2. Where the worker has worked for more than twenty-five years.
3. Where the worker attains the age of sixty and has worked for ten years.


The criteria for payment of worker pensions under Labor Standard Act. shall be as follows:
Two bases are given for each full year of service rendered. But for the rest of the years over 15 years, one base is given for each full year of service rendered. The total number of bases shall be no more than 45. The length of service is calculated as half year when it is less than six months and as one year when it is more than six months.
After meeting the qualification of the Labor Pension Act., employees can claim for the principal and the return accrued in his/her individual labor pension account.


In 2023 and 2022, HQ and GIGA recognized pension costs of NT$117,364 thousand and NT $111,579 thousand respectively.
The estimated provision for the retirement plan in 2024 are NT $4,138,000. As of December 31, 2024, the weighted average duration of the retirement plan are 11 years.


The Singapore subsidiary appropriates pensions in accordance with the local government's Central Provident Fund (CPF) system, while the Korean subsidiary appropriates pension funds by the Defined Contribution Retirement Pension (DC type) through labor negotiation in accordance with the "Labor Pension Security Plan", the Nanjing subsidiary appropriates allotment of pension insurance funds in accordance with the provisions of mainland basic pension insurance.
The pension costs recognized by the Singapore and Korean subsidiaries according to the pension regulations in 2023 and 2022 were NT$28,796,000 and NT $23,477,000 respectively.


Long-term Service Trophy and Bonus

In order to express our gratitude to our employees who have been dedicated to their jobs and have worked hard for many years, Ardentec awards trophies and longevity bonuses to employees who have served for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years as an expression of appreciation. Encouraging our employees to pass on their valuable experience, we are united to face the challenges and opportunities of the future and grow together.

Family and Career Support

With Ardentec’s liberal attitude towards gender equality, employees are entitled to apply leave of absence (LOA) for parenting so that both personal and family care needs can be met. The Company also has a well-established leave management system; therefore, employees can apply for the leave according to their needs and flexibly organize their lives. In response to the trends of an aging society, low-rate fertility, and family size shrinks, the “family care and work from home” program was introduced to Ardentec headquarters. Employees who have direct relatives at home who are elderly or chronically/majorly ill and need to be accompanied and nursed may apply to work from home one day a month; therefore, employees are not restricted from their workplace and can take care of their direct relatives as well.

Workplace Safety and Health

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