Ardentec comply with local employment regulations. We promote fair and inclusive recruitment practices. With locals being the core of our workforce, we also employ foreign employees with the approval of employment authorities to meet our operational demands through pre-screened recruitment agencies, with the growth, we are then able to create more jobs.

Human Right Policy and Implementation

Human right Policy

Ardentec complies with the international human right protection standard of《United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights(UNGPs) 》. The company established Labor Policy in compliance with “Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA)” and local law. The company respects all protection of Convention on Human Rights.

The key items and specific programs of labor human rights

Human Rights Practice

  • The company established measures to protect our employees and designed training on human rights, ethics, and corporate social responsibility to raise employees’ awareness of human rights. In 2021, the training rate of human rights in Ardentec reached 100%. Up to 2021, 20,921 hours of training related to “Human Rights and Ethics” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” were accumulated.
  • Multiple communication channels
    1. The company offers grievance channels including the network suggestion note, the suggestion box, and the grievances email address (pleases refer to the Grievance and Reporting Regulation). Open employee feedback channels without fear of retaliation.
    2. Hold the communication meeting quarterly in compliance with local law and provide the reporting channels to employees without fear of reprisal.
  • There are no human rights violations or discrimination in 2021 and no violations of liberty rights.

  • Employees protection

    Ardentec established relative work rules in all employment processes to protect human rights topics, for instance, age, working hours, attendance, gender equality…etc. We declare the rights and welfare of employees to be protected and make sure they could be taken care of.


  • Human right risk assessment

    The HR & Service Div. assesses the potential risk of labor and human rights every year, formulate and implement control measures for high-risk items to protect every employee.

    The 2021 risk assessment was executed in December and reported the result to ESG Sustainability Operation Committee. All control measures are grasped properly, there is no violation exists.

Respect for Career Plans

All employment contracts are mutually agreed between employer and the employee. As required by law, any changes to the terms of employment requires consent from employee. Employees who wish for a change of role or to take on different career plans may do so by raising a transfer request, subject to department head's approval. Employees who wish to resign may do so freely by serving a required period of notice. Ardentec also requires its suppliers to refrain from any unfair treatments and eliminate any form of forced labor. It is imperative for labors to perform work out of their own free will. This initiative ensures that Ardentec’s CSR extends to other ends of the supply chain.

Diverse Employment

Ardentec actively employ disabled friends who rely on their own efforts to become self-reliant, to create job opportunities and to increases the chances for them to be part of Ardentec. In addition to making changes to the nature of work and the working environment, the Company also provides disabled employees with full training so that they can realize their best potentials, and improve their quality of life while contributing towards the development of society. The employment rate of disabled persons in Ardentec exceeds the rate in “People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act” for years.

Employee Compensation

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