25 Mar 2024

Fully support the “CURDr.” telemedicine program, Ardentec donated health equipment.


As a leading semiconductor testing manufacturer in Taiwan, Ardentec adheres to the spirit of social responsibility and public welfare, and recently joined hands with the Miaoli County Government to donate 6 sets of health care equipment in remote areas of Miaoli County. The donation aims to improve the medical environment in remote areas through the smart healthcare solution, and jointly promote people-centered smart medical care services, including remote video health education courses and smart care platforms, etc., to solve the problem of insufficient medical care in rural areas, improve the quality and accessibility of medical services for local residents, and demonstrate Ardentec's firm commitment to promoting local health and well-being.
On February 19, 2024, Ardentec was invited to attend the donation ceremony of health care equipment in remote areas of Miaoli County hosted by the Miaoli County Government and the launch press conference, and was presented with a certificate of appreciation by the county magistrate Zhong Dong Jin. Ardentec's Vice President Rou Ching Cherng said that Ardentec continues to pay attention to social welfare, supports the integration of telemedicine solutions with technology, replaces the road with the Internet, and agrees with the rural plan and concept of CURDr. digital health care service.
Ardentec hopes to improve the medical environment in remote areas of Miaoli County through substantial support, directly benefiting remote areas such as Shitan Township and Xihu Township in Miaoli County, so that local residents can enjoy timely and convenient health care services.
Ardentec will continue to pay attention to cooperation opportunities with local governments and medical institutions, promote the development of public health through the power of science and technology, fulfill corporate social responsibility with practical actions, and work together to improve the health and well-being of the whole people.