25 Mar 2024

Creating new milestone in industry-academia collaboration, nurturing new hopes for the industry.


On January 19, 2024, Ardentec donated a "Probe Card Detection Needle Adjustor" to Feng Chia University, aiming to inspire continuous exploration of related technologies by the faculty and students, injecting new vitality into semiconductor technology education in Taiwan. The donation ceremony was attended by Dean Wang Qichang of the College of Science, Dean Shen Zuwang of the College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and Ardentec Vice President Rou Ching Cherng, among other executives, witnessing the fruitful results of the collaboration between industry and academia. This further deepens the close connection between the industrial and academic sectors, establishing a successful paradigm for mutually beneficial cooperation.

The donated " Probe Card Detection Needle Adjustor " represents the initial outcome of the collaboration between the two parties. The producing master's thesis, titled "Development of a Semi-Automatic Precision System for Repairing Cantilever Probe Cards in Semiconductor Wafer Testing," was honored with the Best Thesis Award at the 20th ASE Mechanical Master's Thesis Competition. This system integrates elements of smart manufacturing and precision machinery, including superior transmission and positioning technology, real-time visual recognition technology, dual-loop PID precision control technology, and ergonomic design. These features enable the machine to be applied in various smart mechanical courses for undergraduate and graduate students, providing practical learning opportunities. On the educational front, this needle adjustment machine allows students not only to implement theoretical knowledge hands-on but also to gain insights into industry requirements, fostering practical skills. Moreover, on the research level, the platform can plan fully automated machine and precision adjustment subsystems, replicating human needle adjustment conditions, offering significant research value to both academia and industry.